Rules for the 3-Weight Challenge:


1. All fish must be caught on a 3-wt or smaller fly rod.
2. All fish must be caught on an artificial fly.
3. Fish may be caught in either fresh or saltwater.
4. Fish may be caught on any water, public or private.
5. Individuals are responsible for all licensing required on the water being fished and are not allowed the right to trespass by involvement in this competition.
4. All fish must be recorded, including a picture, using either the provided app or by emailing info to grandvalleyanglers319@gmail.com. 
5. Largest fish will be determined by a combination of length and girth. Length and girth only need to be recorded if the competitor believes the fish may qualify for largest fish. There is no need to measure all fish and any potential winning fish will need to be 28" or greater in length and 16" or greater in girth.
6. For "most species of fish" - Fish that qualify as different "species" cannot be subspecies or regional variants, but must be actual different species. For example, cutthroat trout are a single species and may not be counted more than once, no matter where they are caught. However, hybrid species like cutbow, splake, or tiger trout will be counted as separate species. Two exceptions to the subspecies rule are allowed for this category, golden trout and steelhead.
7. For "most species of trout" - The above rule applies with the exception of hybrids. Hybrid trout will not be included as "species of trout" caught. "Trout" species accepted include salmon, trout, taimen, and char (all members of the subfamily Salmoninae), but not grayling or whitefish. There will be one exception to the subspecies rule: steelhead. Golden trout will not be accepted as another species for this category.
8. The competition will begin January 13th, after the "kick-off" party and end at midnight the day before the "prize party".
9. Competitors may join the competition at any point during the year but, fish caught on a 3-weight rod may only be included in the competition if caught after the date of entry.
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