2015 PHW Fiesta Night Dinner and Fund Raiser

Elks Lodge - 4th and Ute Avenue Thursday, Oct 22nd at 6:00 p.m.
Cash bar with beer donated by Upslope Brewing Company of Boulder.
Tickets - $10 Pre-register at Western Anglers 413 Main St., GVA Meeting on Oct 15th or email Dawn 
at gkd318@hotmail.com. Deadline is Oct 15th. Spouses and children welcome.
Dinner menu:
Barbacoa or Vegetarian Salad
Rice—Beans—Summer Spanish Soup—Bread—Sour Cream—Guacamole—Cabbage Salsa Red Salsa—Chips—Dessert Bar
Drinks – Iced tea, coffee or water
Auction Items
1.  One day float with David Santini for one person on the Jurassic Park section of the Blue River
2.  One day float with Jake McKittrick for two people on the Colorado River
3.  One day float with David Schneider for two people on the Green River
4.  One day walk/wade with San Juan River Fly Fishing for one person the San Juan River
5.  Half day float with Steel City Anglers for two people on the Arkansas River
6.  Group 3 hour casting lesson with Tim Jacobs for up to 5 people
7.  $200 gift certificate from Loop USA toward purchase of a rod or reel
8.   Original oil painting by BC Fenstermaker Studios, “Surfing the Mudline,” 12 x 16, frame 
9.  Wood burned coffee mug with Trout Motif
10. Two belly boats
11. Wood containers hand lathed by Richard Wright
12. Variety of fly selections tied by locally recognized tiers
13. Fishing books and a variety of fishing gear
14. Two custom fly rods crafted by PHW vets
A separate on-line auction will be conducted for the following:
1.  One Day Float on the Green River at Dutch John, UT, with David Schneider, (2 people)
2.  One Day Walk/Wade with David Schneider, and an additional guide, for two anglers (one must be 
handicapped) on the San Juan River
3.   One day walk/wade with Sunrise Angler’s Guide Jeff Dean for one person on either the Roaring 
Fork River, Blue River or Colorado River
4.   Original oil painting by BC Fenstermaker Studios, “Weed Rush Cutthroat,” 12 x 16,
frame included
5.  Two safari hunts for cape buffalo in Theron, South Africa, from Global Sporting Safari’s, 6 
days, 8 nights
Special Guest of Honor will be Jim Patton, a dedicated volunteer and a fly tying instructor for the 
past six years. Please come and help us honor Jim as Project Healing Waters, “Volunteer of the 
I hope you enjoy the evening’s events and I look forward to seeing you there, Dawn Gwin
For more information contact Dawn Gwin, Project Lead 970-314-4400 or gkd318@hotmail.com
Upslope Brewing Company             Western Anglers                    Sunrise Anglers Roaring Fork 
Alpine Anglers                                     Steel City Anglers                   Loop USA
BC Fenstermaker Studios                  Flaming Gorge Resort          Global Safaris San Juan 
River Fly Fishing
All money raised goes to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing!